Every now and then, in this fast running world of ours someone invents something that changing the entire way we live our lives. Particularly, every generation experiences this kind of shift.

In the 21st century, there’s no doubt about ‘social media’ being the transforming invention. However, there is an ongoing debate about this invention acting as a gift or as a curse in our lives.

I’ve come to think of it as a curse that has full potential to be converted back to a gift.

Here’s why I think it’s a curse-

  1. People feel the need to fit in

The very nature of a human being asks him to behave this way. Social media leads to triggering an urge in us, to share things on the social media platforms that might not even be logical or necessary. Eventually, we spend all of these hours scrolling away from reality.

  1. Loss in authenticity of information

Any kind of information is given out to solve some kind of problem or resolve a doubt. However, with the ‘sharing’ right given to everyone on social media platforms, the information floating around is mostly unauthentic. This creates more problems than solutions.

However, the only thing standing between this curse becoming a gift again, is control. If we could just control the flow of information that gets passed on, we’d be good to go. On that note, it is also necessary to understand that what makes social media so powerful is the very element of ‘right to share’. Therefore, it cannot be eliminated, i.e.. This right cannot be snatched from the people.

Nevertheless, humans are intelligent social beings. Right before adapting to any kind of technology, they go through a training phase where they learn the use of this technology. Unfortunately, while learning about social media, we became ignorant about the effects of mass sharing of information on our lives.

Even when this has been the case, it’s never too late to learn. Bit by bit, spreading awareness about how important it has become to control the flow of information on social media, will lead to filtration of the unauthentic information. If it doesn’t lead to that, at least people would know there is lots of unauthentic information floating around to be safe from.

In conclusion, there is really no good excuse, for social media abuse. This stands true for the culprit as well as the victim. If you’re a culprit, you’re becoming a criminal, and if you’re the victim, it is your own duty to become aware of the threats out there!