Whatever you are doing right at this moment, just stop for a second. If you are at a public space, then look around. I bet you saw someone or the other using an electronic device. It is safe to say that many of these people are accessing some or the other kind of social media platform on their respective device. Moreover, they are probably killing time looking at something which is not even crucial to look at. Why do you think that is? There’s a term for it…something all of us are aware of, but dread using for ourselves. It’s called addiction!

The truly disappointing part is the denial. Most of us in today’s age are addicted to social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, twitter and so many more. However, when someone calls us an addict, we simply deny it with aggression without having any proof of it ourselves!

It’s time to change this. Not for the world to see, but for our self-assessment. Where do we stand without these social media platforms feeding on our time? How does it feel to live in a world without accessing any of these applications?

Going on a social detox:
So, here’s the idea. For starters, we must pick a time frame. Let’s say one week. Now, all we have to do is not access any of these applications for one whole week. It is obvious that with the notifications calling our name and popping everywhere on our screen, we would give up in less than 10 minutes. Therefore, the rule is to not give our mobile phones or other devices, the power of the internet. Do not connect them to the internet for the whole week and save yourself from appealing notifications. After all, you can’t put chocolate fudge ice cream on the table and expect a diabetic person not to eat it.

If you think this might get a little too much for you then you can go for the easier variation. You can select a shorter time frame like a couple of days. You can also choose particular applications for starters, and not go for leaving all of them together. Even a small achievement will be enough for you to go ahead with it. In this case, you cannot switch off the internet on your phone, and so you should go for the option of temporarily uninstalling the applications that you have decided not to use.

In my experience, this process is enriching and gives a sense of achievement to self. Not only this, but it leads to suddenly generating a lot of time on your hands to do so much that you were probably procrastinating or didn’t even think you would want to do. This can include spending quality time with family members, reading books, catching up with old friends, pursuing new and exciting hobbies and so much more!

After a while, you’ll be addicted not to social media, but to going on this detox!