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Internship program for students on cyber security

According to Kaspersky, Cyber security is the practice of defending computers and servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks. It is also known as information technology security or electronic information security. The term is broad-ranging and applies to everything from computer security to disaster recovery and end-user education.
The threats countered by cyber-security are three-fold: 

Cybercrime, which includes single actors or groups targeting systems for financial gain;

Cyberwar, which often involves information gathering and is politically motivated; and 

Cyberterror, which is intended to undermine electronic systems and cause panic or fear. Common methods used by attackers to control computers or networks include viruses, worms, spyware and Trojans. 

Cybersecurity specialists play a key role in securing information systems. By monitoring, detecting, investigating, analyzing, and responding to security events, cybersecurity specialists protect systems from cybersecurity risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity specialists work on IT teams that are dedicated to protecting the integrity of the business’s network and data. Traditionally, network operations and IT technology supplemented the core business. But increasingly, the success of a business relies on the success and capability of its network. As a result, employees dedicated full time to cybersecurity have gone from being a luxury to a necessity.

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