Stay Safe Online
Responding to Identity Theft, Fraud and Cybercrime

If you’re the victim of cybercrime, you need to know what to do and respond quickly.

Securing Key Accounts and Devices

Learn how to secure your accounts with better passwords and strong authentication.

Online Safety Basics

Learn how to protect yourself, your family and devices with these tips and resources.

Spam and Phishing
Cybercriminals have become quite savvy in their attempts to lure people in and get you to click on a link or open an attachment.

Online Shopping
It’s important to take steps to protect yourself when shopping online.

Back it Up
Protect yourself against data loss by making electronic copies – or backups – of important files.

Malware, Botnets and Ransomware
The internet is a powerful and useful tool, but in the same way that you shouldn’t drive without buckling your seat belt or ride a bike without a helmet, you shouldn’t venture online without taking some basic precautions.

Identity Theft

Cyberbullying and Harassment

Reporting Cybercrime

Securing Key Accounts and Devices