Who We Are

We are a no profit organization based at Madhya Pradesh, India with a team of highly skilled individuals having an expertise in cyber training, cyber laws and various other areas related to cyber forensics and cyber security. Our aim is to spread awareness among all the sections of the society about the safe and secure use of the internet through various training programs, workshops, seminars and counseling sessions. All these programs are tailor made to suit different requirements of school students, college students, educators , law enforcement agencies, various govt. organizations and other corporate sectors.

We also provide cyber security and forensic solutions to various organizations to effectively deal with threats related to cyber frauds and information security.

Our vision

To educate and empower our global digital society to use the internet safely and securely


  • To spread awareness about cyber crimes and safe cyber practices among citizens especially women and children.
  • To spread awareness about cyber crimes among school ,college students & vulnerable sections of society.
  • To support Digital India program with safe and digitally empowered society.
  • Capacity building for Law enforcement agencies for detection of cyber crime.
  • To provide cyber security training for educators and corporate.
  • Skill development and career counseling of youngsters in the field of cyber security.
  • Provide cyber security related information to corporate and general public through advisories.
  • Conduct security audits of IT infrastructure for various organizations.
  • Develop information security guidelines and implementation of information security standards.
  • To provide legal counseling and immediate help to the victims of cyber crime.
  • Set up an internet de-addiction centre to control the increased usage of internet and online games amongst children.
  • To spread awareness about e-waste management.
  • To do research in the field of cyber security.
  • To identify and block malicious content & fake news on internet.